Project Case Study



This was another little internal project that I built, along with Will - another developer at The Unit. We built it out as a proof of concept during the innovation days that I organised. Technology used:

  • A-frame
  • Javascript


I really did think we could get this in local pubs and restaurants in Brighton. The idea behind it was, so you know when you go to a restaurant and you awkwardly look at peoples food or want to see what food looks like before ordering it, well you can!

Whilst building this out, we noticed the huge lack of decent food 3D objects. So it would be possible, but we would have to get a 3D modeller involved and see how good we can get the food to look. This wouldn't be very efficient if restaurants change their menu often. Despite my naivety of the prospects, this was a great, fun little project.

You could swipe through and look at the different pizzas that are available.


The Unit


Lead developer


a year ago

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